To Drive or Not To Drive

Last week, someone innocently asked the DementiaUSA email group a not-so-innocent question. He asked if anyone knew how someone with dementia would go about getting a handicapped parking permit. As a person with dementia who still drives, he wants to use the handicapped spaces as a way of helping him remember where he parked his car. Man, did he unwittingly stir the pot! The debate this question precipitated went on for days. Here was one side: If you can’t remember where you parked, it’s a sign that your symptoms are bad enough that you shouldn’t be driving anymore. You might not remember where you are or where you’re going and get dangerously lost. You might not remember how to operate the

Self Publish or Perish!

There is this saying in academic science: “Publish or perish!” We say this because if you don’t publish your results in peer-reviewed journals, you won’t get the next round of funding, which means you won’t have the money to do the next round of experiments, which means you’re out of a job. I no longer work at the lab bench as a neuroscientist. I haven’t in ten years now. But this “publish or perish” mantra must’ve gotten under my skin and into my blood. It gave me just the mentality I needed to become a novelist. Before I self-published my first novel, STILL ALICE, last summer, I tried going the traditional route. I spent a year querying literary agents. But no one wanted my book. I was sit

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