Still Alice, still going!

My books feel in some ways like my children (so far, I’ve given birth to 3 babies and 2 books). Each one is unique, I love them all, and you’d better watch out if you have anything bad to say about any of them (well, I understand that not all reviewers and readers are going to love all of my books, but they’re not allowed to say anything mean about my kids!). And even though I have no favorites, there’s a special place in my heart for the first one, both child and book. I didn’t know what the heck I was doing with either one (as a mother or an author), and I’m eternally grateful to both of them for bumping their way into this world and into my life, however ungraceful and ignorant I was in g

Australia Book Tour 2011: Most Memorable Moments

Meeting Christine and Paul Bryden in Brisbane (see previous post). Fireworks over the river during dinner in Brisbane, arranged just for me by my publicist (not really, but we had front row seats and no knowledge that this would be happening–we were delighted!). The complete, circular rainbow I saw at the top of the Harbor Bridge. It was huge and breathtaking, and it encircled the Opera House. I don’t have a photo for you because Bridge Climb Sydney doesn’t allow anyone to carry cameras on the climb. The many times I was stumped by the accent. And I grew up with a THICK Boston accent, so this surprises me a bit. Let me give you an example: At a book signing in Perth, a reader told me her nam

Christine Bryden

I had a book event in Sydney last week and was talking about STILL ALICE and the Dementia Advocacy & Support Network International (DASNI). And because I was in Sydney, I mentioned Christine Bryden. Christine was one of the founding members of DASNI and one of the amazingly generous people who shared with me what it’s like to live with dementia while I was writing STILL ALICE. Christine was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s when she was 46 years old. She wrote two incredible books, WHO WILL I BE WHEN I DIE? and DANCING WITH DEMENTIA. She is also an Australian, which is what made me think of and mention her aloud to the audience. I met Christine online through DASNI in 2004. I think it was around 20

A Confession and Apology

So first, the obvious. I’m a terrible blogger. I have no stamina. I started out with the best of intentions, all gung-ho. And then…I haven’t been here since February. Which brings me to the apology. I’m so very sorry for bringing you here with the promise of a blog, and then leaving you here, awkwardly wondering if I’m ever coming back. Actually, I can’t imagine that anyone’s still here, so maybe I’m apologizing to cyber air. Is anybody still here? In any case, I’m back! Let me catch everyone (if anyone’s reading) up on the last few months. The US book tour was amazing. It brought me to Toronto twice, NYC twice, Boston, New Hampshire, Washington, D.C., Connecticut, South Carolina, Colorado,

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