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Writing Pep Talk from Me to Me

OMG I do NOT feel like writing today. What is that all about?? What is this resistance? Write the chapter, Lisa. Write 1500 words and move on with your day. You're going to write them eventually. You're not going to NOT write them. What, are you going to stop writing the book here? No. Well then, get to it.

Just write what's next. Don't worry if it doesn't come out perfect--it won't. It's not done today. And you can't get to being done without starting. Today, you start this chapter on What Happened.

Play with some ideas since you're not sure about it. Nothing scary about playing. Playing is fun. Have fun writing this chapter. Don't be critical of it yet. Don't worry about what anyone will think about it. Just get the words down. Let them come through you. Let go of this resistance. Be brave and have a bash at this chapter, Lisa.

It's play. Not work. Try easy. Don't make it hard and heavy. Tell the reader what you want her to understand. And then you can go to the beach. Love you. XO

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