Just Say Yes - And

Just Say Yes—And It’s the #1 rule in Improvisational Acting. You say, “Yes, and,” to everything you are offered. As actors cooperating to create a fictional reality on stage, you agree to agree, or nothing works. If your fellow actor says to you, “Come for a ride on my new magic carpet!” your job is to ‘accept the gift’ and join in: “Okay! This is a beautiful weave, what is it silk?” or “I’d love to! This magic carpet is way nicer than my cousin Aladdin’s. His is a ’91, it’s all frayed and worn, and it stalls out all the time. Where did you get it?” or “I’m in! Where should we go?” And the conversation, the relationship, can continue. If you say: “No. I don’t want to.” or “No, that’s not a m

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