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I’m reading through my research and writing notebooks for EVERY NOTE PLAYED, going over the journey, fascinated and amused to witness my struggle to discover these characters and their stories, proud of my persistence and willingness to surrender, amazed that I eventually unearthed the words to build this story.

And then I found some words that I’d forgotten about, words that really should be in this book. Oh well—Bonus Material!

ALS is inside him, a faceless enemy because he can’t see or even imagine it. The problem is, he’s taking this personally. He needs a face, someone to blame, to fight. But there is no face to this disease. Scientists don’t even know what to target or battle. So he sits there with his arms hanging by his sides, defenseless while his faceless enemy destroys him. Utterly unopposed. If ALS had a face, it would be laughing at how easy it is to kill him.

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