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Beginning Book 5

After many months of research, and writing bits of this and that, I need to start chapter 1, the legit beginning of this next book. SO much resistance here. I feel like I don’t know these people well enough to get started. But you’re not supposed to, remember? That’s how this relationship starts. You don’t know them yet. You can only know them by writing them. So how do you solve this dilemma, Lisa? You begin writing.

You can (and will) adjust whatever doesn’t work, right? Right. You’ve done this before, so don’t panic. What is this book about other than ALS? Regret. Forgiveness. Feeling trapped. Letting go. Communication. Connection. Death. Freedom. BOOM. There it is, the whole book. Trust that you have it. Your job is to show up to the page/computer and allow it to come, word by word. The story and details will unfold as they come.

You don’t get to know the whole thing before you begin–like any relationship, right? You agree to leap in not knowing everything about the person, not knowing how the journey will unfold, how it will end. This is how it must begin. Beginnings take courage.

So get to it, girl. Pour your heart and soul into this one. Don’t hold back. Let it heal you.

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