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Notes from my Journal: 08.29.11

I was in London last month because LEFT NEGLECTED was chosen by Richard and Judy for their autumn 2011 book club. For those in the US who haven’t heard of Richard and Judy, their Book Club “has as powerful an influence on the UK book-buying public as the Oprah Winfrey book club had in America.” So this was a huge and an exciting trip! I did the Richard and Judy interview, recorded a podcast for WH Smith, signed books, went sightseeing, and had a lovely time meeting the Simon & Schuster UK team in person. AND I wrote some of LOVE ANTHONY every morning. Good author. Here’s a snippet from my writing journal:

I’m in London, baby! I’m at a Starbucks (I know this is lame, but I can’t resist; it calls me like home) near the Charlotte Street hotel, drinking chai, and facing the street while I write this. London looks a lot like Boston but much GRANDER in scale. Love the red double decker buses that go by every minute, the funny little black cars. Lots of walkers, all in sensible flats. So far the people here are super friendly and cheery–I expected more reserved, abrupt, aloof, but not the case. Just saw the first smoker. I expected more smokers, too.

But I’ve barely been here yet. It’s 9:30 am, and I’m meeting my editor and publicist here at 10:30 for a day of sightseeing. YAY! How crazy lucky am I?

I’ve seen four street sweepers go by in less than 15 minutes (Ethan would be in heaven here!)–this place is CLEAN. Seriously, the streets and sidewalks are spotless.

I’m on chapter 8, back with Olivia before we go to LoLa with Beth. Okay, so what the hell happens in chapter 8 with Olivia? I have no freakin idea. Okay, don’t panic. Let’s find it. So she just read her journal for the first time, is facing/confronting her past. Huh! Just like Beth is confronting her past, looking for pieces of herself, looking for answers. And in facing the past, both women will make room for the possibility of a new future…

And today is September 8. I’m home from London, sitting at my local Starbucks, and I just finished chapter 8. On to chapter 9! Now what happens in chapter 9? Don’t panic…

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